Arwen Data is a Sydney based and customer centric company with passion to significantly increase your return on investment, protect your online marketing presence and automate sales by focusing on three key areas:

  • Speed: utilising Agile methodologies we are able to design and implement solutions in a timely manner providing faster return on investment, lower risk, more transparency and better visibility.
  • Expertise: best practice scenarios with latest certifications
  • Resources: We provide extensive capabilities utilising the industry's best applications and practices that provide cost effective and required results.

Arwen Data skill sets in ecommerce, big data and integration of systems will provide simplicity to complex scenarios allowing you to take right decisions and become a customer company. 

Customer Company - 


Leader applications we have implemented in our solutions include:

Integrations in Salesforce, Business Intelligence in Tableau, work collaboration in Google Apps for Work, Scheduling in ShiftPlanning and ecommerce in Shopify.    Tableau    Google Apps    Shiftplanning   




Create new revenue streams 


Context marketing


Dialogue with your customers 

The insights that you gain from analysing your market and its consumers with Big Data are valuable for the whole business point of view giving you the opportunity to create new products by knowing customer needs.   Big Data analytics allows you to personalise the content or look and feel of your website in real time to suit each consumer entering your website, depending on any characteristic of the visitor.   Consumers look around a lot before they buy, talk to their entire social network about their purchases, demand to be treated as unique and want to be sincerely thanked for buying your products. We allows you to profile and engage them in almost one-on-one, real-time conversation.